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Experienced Lighting Contractors in Madison, TN

Lighting Contractors for Businesses in Madison, TN | Rains Electric Company - lightingLighting for your business may seem like a minor matter, but if you don’t take full advantage of the most advanced technologies, you could end up wasting energy and sacrificing safety.

Rains Electric Company offers lighting design, LED conversions, lighting control upgrades and supplementary electrical services to businesses in the area. Between our 30 years of experience and our skilled electrical contractor team, we know how to illuminate your company safely and sustainably.

Rains Electric Company offers a range of lighting services for your business, including:

  • Lighting Retrofits - Our team offers a number of options to improve the brightness, efficiency and sustainability of your lighting, with a particular focus on LED retrofits. In an LED retrofit, we install lithium electric diode or LED lighting, which minimizes heat waste and converts almost all energy to light. This will reduce the amount of power you have to devote to lighting.
  • Systems Upgrades - By upgrading your lighting control systems, we allow you to set brightness at the precise level you want in each area of your business. This improves safety and helps you further reduce energy waste.
  • Lighting Design - If you are building a new facility or refitting your existing one, we can design and wire a new lighting system that provides as much light and use as little energy as possible.

In addition to lighting itself, our team offers the full range of electrical services. This ensures that you will always have enough power to keep your lights on, no matter the circumstances.

While most businesses understand the basic benefits of saving energy and improving safety, it’s easy to overlook just how large an impact lighting can have on your company.

Lighting Contractors for Businesses in Madison, TN | Rains Electric Company - wiringBy minimizing energy use, you not only lower your bills, but send a message that you are committed to preserving the planet. This will make environmentally-conscious consumers more willing to do business with you, helping you to build a loyal customer base. Likewise, when you improve safety through more effective illumination, you show your employees that you care. Your staff will be more likely to remain loyal to your company, work hard and contribute to your success for the long haul.

Rains Electric Company is committed to enhancing your lighting quickly, affordably and without leaving a mess. For more information or to request an estimate for your project, contact us today.